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You can offer a telehealth site just like this to your members!
Telehealth Enrollment Website
This is a direct to consumer site, but you can offer a site just like this to your members. A telehealth enrollment site can be customized with your logo and company description and includes the following pages that appear in the navigation above: Home, Telehealth, Wellness, Contact Us, Sign In and Enroll Now. The Broker and Group Resources tab will not appear on your telehealth enrollment site.

Get Started
Please take a moment to browse the site. Then see below to get started.
Offer telehealth in three easy steps.

1. Complete the Request for Enrollment Portal form.

Complete the form by answering some basic questions.


2. Submit the Request for Enrollment Portal Form.

Send the completed form to helpdesk@rivacarehealth.com.

3. We'll set up your group's enrollment portal.

Once we receive the completed form, we create your enrollment portal for your members to enroll in telehealth.

About the Process

We do the Work
Simply provide us with the Request for Enrollment Portal Form, and we’ll build your telehealth enrollment portal. We manage the billing and collection of fees and monthly payment to vendors and brokers. Plus, we provide enrollment and eligibility data to the telehealth vendor.

After Setup
We’ll send you an email with the link to your enrollment portal that is set up with the enrollment and billing method you requested in the Request for Enrollment Portal Form. 

If telehealth is offered on a voluntary basis, members can easily enroll on their own time. Plus, we offer email and telephone support if there are questions along the way. Payment will be collected upon an member's enrollment in telehealth. Employer-paid groups will be billed monthly. For further enrollment and payment process details, please reference the File Transfer Guide.

Telehealth is brought to you by RivaCare Health. Billing and administrative services are provided by Direct Web Administrative Services, dba Genius Avenue.

Request an Enrollment Portal


Telehealth is brought to you by RivaCare Health and powered by MeMD

RivaCare Health is the completed vision of a team of entrepreneurs, technology specialists and insurance professionals. Together, we have created a healthcare highway with 24/7 access to medical professionals from your home computer or mobile device; wherever, whenever in the United States. RivaCare Health members eliminate 70% of their visits to an urgent care, doctor's office and the ER by accessing our resources with just a phone call or video connection.

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